Character Animation Demo Reel

All Work Copyright Steve Schwartz, unless noted otherwise. 
Music: Droeloe - zZz
Shot List
Intro -- "Third Eye", Photoshop/After Effects
Shot 1 -- "Playing Possum" Flash/Photoshop
Shot 2 -- "Kitsune", Photoshop. Character Design © Kaitlin Reid
Shot 3 -- "The State of Reefs", After Effects, Assets © Pluralsight
Shot 4 -- "Chell 16-bit Run Cycle" Photoshop
Shot 5 -- "The Bytenbit" Photoshop
Shot 6 -- "Hooper Intro" Maya, Worked on: Character Animation, Rig © PBS Kids
Shot 7 -- "Casual", Worked on: Character Animation only. Rig © AnimSchool
Shot 8 -- "Black Hole" After Effects, Assets © Pluralsight
Shot 9 -- "Macrauchenia Walk Cycle" Photoshop.
Shot 10 -- "Everyday Things", Illustrator/After Effects
Shot 11 -- "Fie & Mossy", Photoshop
Shot 12 -- "Kitsune's Kickstarter", Photoshop, Worked on Character Animation, Art © Kaitlin Reid
Shot 13 -- "NFCU: What to Bring to Meet your Loan Officer" Maya. Worked on: Character Animation only. Rig © 15Four/Navy Federal Credit Union
Shot 14 -- "Rey" Photoshop
Shot 15 -- "Lovely Day", After Effects, Worked on Rigging and Character Animation, Assets © Pluralsight
Shot 16 -- "Troll Moon" Photoshop
Shot 17 -- “Todd’s TV” Maya, Worked on Character design, Animation, Rig © Bully Entertainment
Shot 18 -- "Every Chicken in Here", Photoshop.




Todd's TV

Todd's TV, based on the children's book by James Primos, is a pitch for a potential TV show produced by Bully! Entertainment. I designed the characters based on the ones from the book, came up with the storyboards and animated all 4 characters in one month in the winter of 2010.  Directed by Carlson Bull, Art Directed by Mike Pinkin, Models by Akin Bilgic and voiced by Jan Johns this was a true team effort. While the animation isn't nearly where I am at now, I'm still really proud of it and all that it took to get to the finished product.